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Regitze Ladekarl is a writer, author, novelist. In addition to working on a new novel, Regitze writes loads of micro-fiction and flexes her technique with method writing, which has been featured in I’LL HAVE WEDNESDAY, ONTHEBUS, and the forthcoming anthology SIDE-EYE ON THE APOCALYPSE. She received an honorable mention of her entry into the NYC MIDNIGHT SHORT STORY CHALLENGE 2021.

After a successful 20-year detour to the financial world, Regitze started scratching that writing itch and came into her true self. Now there is no stopping the words from flowing. Regitze crafts universal stories from everyday life. With a piercing and compassionate pen, she tells tales of how we live with our human imperfections. She is especially drawn to the small moments when the big shifts happen. 

Regitze lives with her two- and four-legged family in Southern California. She likes big dogs, music, and embarrassing her teenagers.

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