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A Friend, Indeed

Now, I never judge anyone by appearance unless it is warranted, and some people get cold extremities even in the summertime, so no, I cannot say it struck me as peculiar that the fine gentleman wore gloves and a hat in front of his eyes in August.

Yes, I did help him carry the lady out to his car because that was just common courtesy after he had revealed his extraordinary compassion to me. You see, the woman who lives in the house is a near and dear friend of his, but she struggles with insomnia. In a selfless act, he had taken it upon himself to help her with that predicament, and I am happy to report that his attempt was a complete success.

When I arrived, his friend was in a deeply unconscious state, and I must say, only a fool would not have recognized what an effort this must have taken on his part given the way that furniture was toppled over and shards of glass were strewn on the floor.

Most mediocre acquaintances would have stopped there, but not this saint of a man. Did he want his friend to wake up to such a mess and risk triggering her troubles again? No, he did not. Out of the goodness of his heart, he thought to take her to his place so she would awake safe and sound.

And then he went even further than that because he did not want her to feel in unfamiliar surroundings when she came to, so this angel among us gathered up her most prominent possessions from the living room such as her flatscreen TV, the artwork, and the contents of her security box over the fireplace to take home as well.

At this point, I thought I had witnessed the peak of consideration, so I was taken aback when the good sir suggested we put his friend in the trunk of his car. That way, she wouldn’t be disturbed by streetlights and traffic noise on which I got the impression could be quite a distance. In preparation, he had already lined the space with a nice blanket from her sofa.

It was only after they had taken off that it occurred to me that I knew neither his name nor his address, and that is a crying shame for I would have liked to alert the local newspaper to this altruistic soul in our midst.

Oh, to be blessed with a friend like that, indeed.


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