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Lady Copenhagen

This city is warm by invitation only. She values her privacy. She cannot be conquered by a mere approach. Mind you she will be courteous, a perfect hostess, but keep her secrets close to her voluptuousness not to play coy but because you have just met. Reserved is a word that implies deliberation and misfitting the sentiment at heart since it holds nothing personal towards you. To trail fingers down the slope of the side to her hip the intimacy will have to grow in a tantric manner. Patience, persistence, and pleasure will get you there. Once she unlocks she will return the favor manyfold. Her unfurling passion will overwhelm like a slow and sweet tidal wave.

They balanced each other in their unlikeliness. Him back then so certain in his being and being entitled. Her lean and deep creativity with the unwavering presumption of essence and unbound of form without which they would never have begun. Through the decades their pendulum had swung far out of gravity but always come back to a center of commitment. Their surface looked like loyalty but sprung from different wells. He had grown from the soil of longevity for its own sake forever compounding onto itself. She had come from a maze in underground caverns always forging a path out of necessity and devoted to breathing in integrity. Such was their circumstance and raison d’etre.

Intuition is not fickle but can seem fleeting. She is the mistress who does not call back but is free upon called. Her truth exists without being shared as she has an absolute lack of interest in popularity and conciliation. She is. Her voice is relentless and demanding yet soft and maternal like a high-class dominatrix.

The tension sparks and crackles between them. One pulse raises the other. Their shallow breaths hit a cadence with an audible release on the exhale. Higher and higher they go.

Later they recall these hours with a certain distance. They know what they were but not if they experienced them even if the recollection always casts them as the protagonists. They were themselves but of a parallel time. They were better and truer and not yet overtaken by debilitating pragmatism. Their hunger was for each other and not just holding onto shreds. Back then they had the knowledge that abundance is an outward motion.


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