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Pull Over

“I need to pee,” said Oliver, a five-year-old elephant, to his mother, Glynnis.

The herd was driving home from Portland, Oregon, after a three-day convention titled Being the Elephant in the Room--Social, Emotional, and Sensory Perspectives.

“Ollie,” said Glynnis and sighed. “I asked you ten minutes ago when we were stopped at In-N-Out.”

“But you said the restroom door was too narrow,” said Oliver.

“Oliver George Nussbaum,” said Glynnis, “you could’ve gone in the bushes like your sister.”

“But, Mom,” whined Oliver, “I really need to go now.”

“Okay,” said Glynnis, “I’ll ask Grandma Peggy if she can pull over.”

Music pairing: Ask by The Smiths

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