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Updated: May 13, 2020

Big Soul always knows. Little Soul has trust issues. Big Soul has infinite patience. Little Soul has ants in her pants. She squirms and worms around in her five-point harness in the back seat. Big Soul had to put her there after the supermarket incident. Little Soul feels that is unfair. She had the best intentions, it was only that one time and the produce guy had it coming after what he did to those kumquats. She was well within her right. Big Soul smiles and is grateful for Little Soul’s righteousness and fire. Big Soul is expansive. Little Soul is judgmental. She has some choice words to say about Big Soul’s gullibility. She thinks Big Soul could save herself from a lot of heartaches if she wasn’t so naive. Little Soul does. Big Soul is. That is how they fit together. Big Soul has recovered well and is now so much bigger than Little Soul. Little Soul doesn’t have to protect Big Soul anymore, even though she is certain she could. She has done it many times. Little Soul is convinced she is a kick-ass security guard, a perfect cross between Cruella DeVille and Catwoman. Big Soul appreciates that. She tells Little Soul all the time while making a mental note to keep Little Soul strapped in. Big Soul is the paper. Little Soul is the pen. Big Soul is the heart, Little Soul is the mind. Souls.

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