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When Do Birds Sing?

Grammy, when do birds sing? Gave me a shock, didn’t he? He’s only five. Thought I was gonna jump out of my Sunday fatigues. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though. Them dems eat them younger and younger. Makes sense he would be told all the codes to blend in. That little boy lost to us forever. He can’t ever be rehabilated. Is that mother of his. Damn hippie. She did this. What with her natural gina and free boobs. Everything went wrong when she snagged Cameron. Everything. He was such a good boy. Always respecting the flag and his dad and me. Did you know he joined the local defense when he was just fourteen? Fourteen. Not a lick of hair on his chin. Cam loved it. The outdoors, the preppings, the guns, of course. I mean, what boy doesn’t love guns? Rufus getting shot was just an accident. Cam didn’t mean anything by whistling when he pointed the gun. It’s just what you do, ain’t it? And Rufus was fine with just three legs for years after that. Wouldn’t go near Cam but that was just the same, wasn’t it. It’s enough that Cam got infected by that A-ne-mone. Who has a name like that? A-ne-mone. Sounds like a disease, doesn’t it? I guess she is. That’s what got Cam off his head, wasn’t it? Carl, I said, Carl, that woman is part of it. She’s part of it. Carl was having none of that. But he ain’t right neither, is he? I’ve never cared that he’s a little dim, I mean, he had CPA when I met him, but he didn’t pass it on to the boys or anything, he always kept it in the office, and I never go there, do I? They make them put it on their cards, don’t they, so people can see who has it. That’s the least you can do. I mean, my family never cared. They’ve liked Carl well enough. I’m mune to stuff like that, ain’t I. Never caught the CPA, never caught the Rona. It’s a hoax anyway. Just something that they made up, isn’t it. I’m allowed to have a cold without it being that stinking mess. When was that? It must have been in August because it was right after Kevin Bob married Jolene Eileen and they had that big party at the bingo hall where the moonshine was so strong we couldn’t smell or taste anything for months after. Must have been a draft where I sat. That cough was nasty. Just goes to show that they’re in on it, doesn’t it? That woman wouldn’t let Cam or the boy go. And both Kevin Bob and Jolene Eileen are second cousins of his. Rude, is all I say, rude. And now she’s ruined that sweet child, too. When do birds sing? Five years, I tell you. Five years and he already knows the code. Good thing, I know it too that is. They can’t fool me with their reverse whatchammacallit. No, I’m only gonna believe when Q says so.


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